Wyo Ospreys Gain New Perch at Edness Kimball Wilkins State Park

Wyoming ospreys now have a new nest in Natrona County, all thanks to a joint effort between Rocky Mountain Power, the Audubon Society and state park staff.

Wednesday Rocky Mountain Power workers placed a 55-foot pole on the north side of the Platte River at Edness Kimball Wilkins State Park with an osprey platform on top.

Ospreys are typically drawn to nesting on tall power poles.

Putting up this platform allows the birds to create nests on safe poles.
Parks officials also support the project as it creates an educational tool for park visitors.

Rocky Mountain Power officials said putting up the poles is a way to give back to their community and the platform are created by kids.

"The platforms are actually made by the Boys Scouts, it's an Eagle Project that is done through some of the scouts in the salt lake area, they come to us once or twice or a couple times a year looking for a project, we have them make osprey platforms,” said Valerie Frokjer, Avian Field Crew Leader.

Next time you visit Edness Kimball Wilkins State Park you can see the new osprey platform on the far side of the river from the visitor's bench inside the park.