Working to Ensure Wyoming has Quality Drinking Water

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It's an important topic for all of us: clean water.

Wednesday kicked off a two-day meeting where water quality was the main subject.

News 13's Heath Bradberg learned what some are doing to clean Wyoming’s water.

Water is the essence of life and a small, yet dedicated, group of people are doing everything they can to ensure cleaner water.

Jennifer Zygmunt from Nonpoint Source Program Coordinator told News 13, “It's just a great opportunity to work with these local groups around the state, who voluntarily and proactively improve our water quality."

The non-point source task force and Wyoming’s Department of Environmental Quality staff teamed up to look at proposals and presentations on what can be done to help clean the state's water resource.

"This meeting is just a great opportunity to hear directly from the sponsors and make good decisions about how we allocate the grant funding that we have available towards these projects."

Water treatments and chemicals help get rid of the bacteria we can't see from our rivers and water, giving us cleaner water to drink.

But if we continue dumping pollution and sewage into our rivers and reservoirs, should we start drinking out of a toilet?

Keeping the rivers clean can be done by everyone and more than people rely on clean water.

"Water quality is important to all Wyoming citizens, whether you use it for drinking water, or recreation, fisheries. Whether you're a producer and need it for your crops and livestock, we all use water on a daily basis."

With another day of meetings, your voices can be heard and solutions can be found.

The meeting continues today at the Agriculture Resources and Learning Center in Casper until 5:00 pm.