Women in Politics in Casper

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Wyoming is called the equality state, but of all 50 states we are ranked dead last when in comes to female representation in the state legislature.

These percentages hold up among City Council as well, but as News 13's Justin Roth discovered, there is one ward in Casper with only women running.

Casper's City Council has been ruled by men lately and according to Natrona County Government website, all open Casper City Council seats will go to a man, all except Ward One, because Ward One has two women running. Jacquie Anderson is on of the Ward one candidates she says, "I really feel like whatever happens in this election there is going to be one women on our council and I believe that one person needs to represent the rest of the women in Natrona County cause we really need one, we need one."

Jacquie is the owner of Jacquie's Bistro in downtown Casper. She says her philosophy is all about talking to people. "Communications and community work hand and hand and I think as soon as we open those communication lines, and we're a community downtown businesses are a community and we'd like to be on the same playing field as everyone else."

Her opponent is a Khrystyn Lutz, Vice President of a local Credit Union, someone who knows numbers and can handle a budget she says, "I'd really like to focus on being transparent on the issues that are happening and I don't want them to feel like things are happening behind closed doors I want them to feel like they're just as much a part of this process as I am. I'm just representing them at the meetings."

It's a growing trend across the country. Women wanting to enter politics and public services. Both Lutz and Anderson agree more women should become politically active. Anderson adds, "I encourage women to get into politics as negative and as dramatic as politics is it's very important I've learned from my last council turn one vote is important especially in this town." She goes on to explain, "Empowering not only to be in politics and to be able to help with what's going on downtown it's empowering for business women to support each other and to do things together to create something that's going to benefit everyone in Casper."

Lutz agrees adding, "I think it's great just in general there's more women running for office, not even so much women but people who not necessary held office before are coming out and wanting to run for public office and that's a really great way to service your community." But until more women become more involved politically. Either Lutz or Anderson will not only represent ward one but also be the women's voice on Casper City Council.