Women Warriors Celebrated During Armed Forces Day

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Women from across Wyoming gathered Saturday to recognize women in the armed forces, with a focus on women veterans.

News 13's Bobby Poitevint sat down with a veteran who lived through World War II. We spoke with Leila Morrison a WWII Veteran who shared, "And we went through the crematory and saw the treatment they went through before they put them in the oven."

Every year people across Wyoming gather to honor women veterans during Armed Forces Day.

One group, Promoting Our Women Warriors of Wyoming (POWOW), recognized their services.

Leila Morrison was one veteran who attended the event, along with 140 others. She fought in Europe during WWII.

"Landed on the beach head there in Normandy and that was quite a sensation for a 22 year old young girl, I felt as if I was on sacred ground,” said Morrison.

She felt honored being involved with the Women Warriors of Wyoming.
"I have just enjoyed it so much and I am so thankful that I can still come."

Amanda Travis, a Veterans Affair Health Care worker believes it's important for veterans to attend these events.

She told News 13, “To recognize our women who have served in uniformed service and make them feel appreciated and that their service was important to not just our country but to all the citizens that reside in our state and the states that surround us."

"We have vendors come that offer services to veteran populations or military population so that they can be familiar with the services once they get out of their branch of service."

Travis added veterans from different eras were represented at the event, some dating back to WWII.

She felt POWOW wouldn't be possible without community donations and organizations which help out.

This was the sixth year Casper College staff and members of the Veteran Association have hosted the event.