Woman Faces Aggravated Assault Charges After Throwing Baby in Ditch

Thirty-one-year-old Lillian Jeffrey is scheduled to head to court in less than a week after police said she tossed her child into a ditch Saturday morning.

Jeffrey faces charges of aggravated child abuse as well as child endangering.

Cheyenne Police are investigating if narcotics were involved in this incident.

Police reported it happened early Saturday morning after responding to a call of suspicious behavior at the love's travel stop off college drive.
Police later heard and found a child in a nearby ditch.

They determined the baby was thrown based on the injuries.

Officer Malatesta said the child is recovering after a life flight to a Denver Hospital.

Cheyenne Police said not only is this case something out of the ordinary, but one they and the community, hope to find more answers to.

Officer Kevin Malatesta said, “The community is looking for answers as to why someone would have done something like this, that's obviously something we would like to know the answer to, as well, and we're looking at in our investigation."

Jeffrey is scheduled for circuit court next Monday.