Winter is Here: Wydot Driving and Safety Reminders

Monday’s early snow caused man accidents around Natrona County.

News13’s Raven Ford spoke with sheriff investigators about the road conditions and why you should plan ahead before going out, or when you should stay in to avoid the roads.

David Hulshizer from Natrona County Sheriff’s Office shared, “We were called to both: personal injury accidents and property damage accidents.”

WYDOT Public Relations Specialist Jeff Goetz commented about the storm and roads, “I think what didn’t help the situation was we had a little rain at least around the Casper area before we got the snow so that turned everything to ice and then we got the snow on top of it.”

Goetz added although the roads appear clear, you still want to drive with some caution because there still are some slick spots.

“Make sure that you leave a little bit before you are supposed to. Give yourself that extra time so that you can slow down. Know your vehicle know what it does on ice know what it does on snow maybe slushy conditions but at the same time when you’re out there on the roads make sure that you have you know provisions that you need in case you do get stranded.”

Things like emergency kits and food are among the few recommendations to keep with you at all times. As well as knowing where you are.

"You know just be aware of your surroundings understand that it is winter in Wyoming plan accordingly and drive accordingly."

WYDOT and Natrona County deputies recommend about five car lengths between you and other vehicles.

They also recommend checking weather and road conditions before leaving home.