Winter Parking Reminder

A snow emergency goes into effect when four or more inches of snow is forecast.

The emergency is declared six hours before a storm is expected to hit.
Casper's snow emergency policy is designed to clear streets quickly during and after a storm.

We are reminded to move cars off the streets to another location.
If cars are not moved, towing is an option city officials will resort to, especially when windrows are present.

"So we tell people: ‘listen if you have a windrow, park someplace other than on the street,’” said traffic Sargent Scott Jones of the Casper Police Department. “If your vehicle is parked in such a way that it inhibits the flow of traffic, we'll make every effort to contact you, but we may have to tow it."

Street plowing priority is given to main streets within the city.
For more information about parking regulations during the winter…you can visit the City of Casper website at