Winding Down after a Labor Day Weekend

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Labor Day weekend wraps up, and many of us got that last minute fill of the lake life.

With Alcova resort being run by new staff, many say they can't wait for next year.

"There’s definitely a good chance that I’ll be back next year,” mentions Bar Manager Morgan Thisse. “I kind of came out and helped them getting things moving smooth. But I think this year, everything is kind of in place now."

"I’m hoping things get better. We did a lot of work this year to kind of turn everything around,” said Equipment Manager Dylan Thisse. “Get some systems in place and make sure everything works smoothly, and I’m hoping that continues next year."

With new staff taking over this past spring, managers hope to revitalize good hospitality and eliminate previous depositions.

"We’re pleased with the turn out and we got a lot we can work on, a lot of changes we can do for next year. We're already excited for that," stated General Manager Russell Mason

And this resort wouldn't be able to function without the staff putting in many hours.

"I feel it went very well, being as short-staffed as we were,” adds Head Cook Chris Reece. “We're always improving on each other."

"I think everything went really well. We're all a brand new management team, so working together was a little rough at the beginning, but we figured it out,” comments Operations Manager Alison Witschonke. “And we're all close enough in age too that we can relate to each other, which is nice."

Even though summer is ending, all staff members of Alcova Resort are looking forward to next year and how they can continue improving our experience.