Wind River Visitors Counsel Digs Into Eclipse Numbers

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Thousands of eclipse visitors came to Fremont County, 20 percent more than expected.

Just a month after the eclipse Fremont County employees reflected on the historical moment.

“It was like nothing I’ve ever seen before."

"It was a busy day and it was quite a sight to see as somebody like me who lived in Wyoming my whole life."

The Wind River Visitors Counsel expected 10 to 20,000 extra people in Fremont County the day of the eclipse.

“It was really unknown how many people would drive here on the day of the event,” said Cassedy Adams, from the Wind River Visitors Council.

Fremont County saw a 148 percent population increase the week of the eclipse.

That comes to about 24,000 extra vehicles.

"They’re exciting numbers to see we know that more details are going to be coming from the Wyoming Office of Tourism that will give us even more insight."

Cody Beers at WYDOT shared, “A lot of people drove here on the day of the event and a lot of people have been here for a couple days and when the eclipse ended that that’s when we really noticed how many people were here because most people were trying to leave shortly after the eclipse ended."

Beers added besides heavy traffic, the event had a great turnout.
"In reality it turned into has a very family-friendly event that people came from all over the world to see and many of those people took their finger, they pointed it on a map and said ‘I’m coming to Wyoming' and ‘that’s pretty cool.’"

Adams added, "One of the huge takeaways is that that many people can visit Wyoming’s Wind River Country in one weekend without feeling that crowded."

Transportation officials didn’t take into consideration how many rode in trailers or buses.

They said the true visitor count could be higher.

Wyoming Office of Tourism staff expect to have their eclipse numbers in October.

City officials believe those numbers will exceed visitor number expectations as well.