Wind River Canyon Work Begins; Expect Delays

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All travel through the Wind River Canyon now has a fifteen minute road delay.

We took a look at some of the reasons your trip through the canyon will take a little bit longer.

Flooding caused a landslide in 2015 making problems for travelers and Bob Ryan at Ryan Brothers Trucking shared, “We had to go through Buffalo, which added another 300 plus miles to get down there for the work day so it hampered us pretty well and made everyone aware of the fact that there’s only one way out of here and if that closes you know it kind of cuts us off.”

Right now repair crews are working to fix the canyon walls damaged by those floods, so rocks don’t fall into the road.

WYDOT Project Engineer Andy Freeman commented, “When you drive through here you can see that these cliff faces are close to the road and there’s a lot of loose material so it’s a really critical thing for us to be working on.”

“Scaling” crews dislodged loose rocks while motorist wait to pass, for their safety.

“That’s the only time when the scalers can actually pull the rocks down, obviously we don’t want to have cars driving by when the rocks so it limits their ability to get the work done but safety is our first priority,” said Freeman.

“Rght now we’re experiencing some delays out there but you know it’s better than a three or four day delay if we have another major event.”
The idea is to knock rocks down in a controlled manner before they fall off themselves.

“It’s not the big rock that lands on the car and crushes it that’s the main concern, it’s the smaller ones that come down on the road and somebody will swerve and possibly cause a head-on.”

The project end date is scheduled for late May.

All travelers through the canyon are asked to be patient, they won’t be stopped for longer than fifteen minutes before being let through.