Wild Wyoming Weather in the Northwest

Threatening funnel clouds and snow hit northwest Wyoming Monday night. The snow storm was in Yellowstone National Park. And, several people saw and photographed the funnel cloud near Burlington, Wyoming, a hundred miles to the East.

Witnesses said the funnel cloud appeared over a ridge in the Big Horn Basin for about ten minutes Monday night. Although there were reports of a tornado near Cody, Park County’s emergency management coordinator could not find witnesses, or pictures to confirm it.

Meanwhile, a snow storm hit Yellowstone about an hour after the funnel cloud was seen in the Big Horn Basin.

The heavy snow limited visibility in Hayden Valley, but there was not much accumulation there. There was about an inch accumulation on Sylvan Pass near the Park’s eastern entrance. But, the pass and other park roads remained open.

There was not damage reported from the funnel cloud in the Big Horn Basin.

Some witnesses reported seeing it touch down as a tornado on a ridge near Burlington.