Wild Berries

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Many of us like to go out into the wilderness and explore.
Some pick up on new scents and others may explore new flavors perhaps of Wyoming’s wild berries.
But only a few of these wild berries are edible. Some edible berries you might be familiar with are thimbleberries, currants, elderberries, and choke cherries. Some non-edible berries include: baneberries and different variations of nightshades. If you eat an inedible berry it could kill you.
"This one is not necessarily a berry but we have a plant called Death Camas and it actually is poisonous that it can kill an individual if they eat enough of it" – Donna Hoffman, Ass. Univ. Extension Educator, Horticulture
If you're interested in learning which berries and plants are edible, Casper College offers classes.