Wiggling and Wobbling Down the Hill with New Ski Lessons

Skiing can be a tricky learning task for many of us, so we found an NCCA Ski Champion to learn some tips.

She even told News 13, the best time for learning is at a young age.
"Wiggle and Wobble Ski Lessons" is a class taught for kids as early as age two to learn to ski.

Janelle Price Wiggle and Wobble Instructor said, “Kids are just so adaptable and it’s easier to learn balance at a young age. Adults can learn as well it’s just easier at a younger age because they’re so adaptable and their brains are still growing and their still learning."

Price added balance and coordination is a key for beginners.

The class includes balancing on one leg, while raising your arm on the opposite side.

You can also walk indoors with skis, on before hitting the slopes.

Price also said to practice keeping your hips and toes aligned.

These steps aren't just limited to kids, but are open for all ages to learn.