Why You Should Consider Adopting Older Dogs for Christmas

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CASPER, Wyo. During and after the holiday season animals are returned or brought to shelters.

"A lot of times we have people that come in and they get a puppy and the puppy grows up and they weren't really prepared for things like that and they end up bringing it back." Explained Sally Reinhart of the Casper Humane Society.

There's no doubt it is fun to have a puppy or kitten around, but some don't understand how much work they can be.

"Puppies are a lot of work and people don't always understand that... You know there's the chewing and the potty training and the regular training and the shots. You know, they're expensive and they do need a lot of work." Said Reinhart.

Kittens aren't much easier.

"Kittens are a whole lot of work all they want to do is just play and run around." Said Bryanne Mestas of Metro Animal Control.

Even though it might be tempting to get your family a kitten or a puppy for the holidays there's a lot of benefits to going to your local animal shelter and seeing what older animals are available.

"So if you adopt an older animal they aren't going to need as much work... a lot of the time you will get something that's potty trained or know basic obedience." Explained Mestas.

She says a positive about adopting a grown cat is by six months they pretty much have their personality.

"As a kitten, they can change they can go through different hormonal changes where they maybe can become more destructive." She said.

Mestas added with an older animal what you see if more of what you get.

The other issue experts say they see is people like to pick out their own pets, and when they don't it can result in returns.

One suggestion from Reinhart is to give a gift card, then they can pick the animal they want, hopefully meaning it won't be taken back to the shelter.