When Sweets aren't so Sweet

Last year Wyoming was noted with one of the highest suicide rates in the country, with almost 80% of suicide deaths happening among men, according to a report from the suicide prevention center.

Studies have shown close links between suicide and depression.
Now a new study has found a strong association between high sugar diets and depression in men.

Researchers found, men who consumed lots of added sugar in foods, drinks and sweets ran an increased risk for depression.

They looked into whether men might be eating more sugary foods because they were depressed, discovering, that wasn't the case.
Local mental health experts say people facing depression might have varying eating habits, from eating too much to too little or even eating the exact same kinds of food.

"They'll eat for comfort which means they'll eat foods like sugary foods or really simple carbs which feel really good in the moment but the impact that it has on your body can cause more feelings of depression," said mental health expert, Erin Ford.

Studies show poor food choices and irregular eating habits can contribute to mood swings and intensify depression.