What's Next for Riverton's K-Mart Building?

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The old Riverton K-Mart building may not stay empty much longer.
K-Mart closed its doors almost a year ago, leaving the standalone building along Federal Boulevard empty.

Other businesses have closed since leaving Riverton’s leaders concerned about the city's economic future.

Some residents suggested converting it into a rec center, but city officials have something else in mind.

Riverton Mayor Lars Baker told News 13, “What would benefit the city of Riverton the most, would be to have a big business in there that was paying a lot of sales tax and collecting a lot of sales tax and bring a lot of retail business to Riverton. That would probably benefit Riverton more than a rec center."

The building's owners have put it on the market for over four-million dollars.

No details yet on which company will bring business to the vacant building, but Fremont County officials hope it will be filled soon.