What to do if You're Caught Driving in an Avalanche

CASPER, Wyo. Though an avalanche on Casper mountain is unlikely, it's not impossible.

"Generally in Wyoming, our most significant dangers are in the mountains of the west." Said Pat McJunkin of the Casper Fire Department.

"Certainly anywhere there's a presence, there's a slope and snow that accumulates on that slope, there's potential for it." He said.

Preparation is key, making it critical to monitor information released by WYDOT for the places you're traveling.

"If you utilize those resources and understand the places that you're traveling that's the first step in keeping yourself safe."

If you see an avalanche coming, McjJnkin warns not to speed up to try and get ahead of it.

911 should be the first call you make if you are trapped in an avalanche.

"If you find yourself in that unfortunate spot you're going to have to wait for rescue." He explained.

Mcjunkin says information about your location is critical in helping rescuers reach you if you are trapped in an avalanche.