What to Know Before You Hire an Asphalt Paving Crew

There's one more scam to be aware of this summer. This one deals with door-to-door solicitors who offer asphalt paving services at "special discounted" prices.

Paving crews claim they can offer paving services at a "discounted rate" because they have material leftover from other jobs, according to the Consumer Protection Unit of the Wyoming Attorney General's Office. Crews give vague verbal estimates that don't tell customers about the actual costs and promise their work includes "robust warranties."

After the job is completed, the crews will demand payment that is much more than the vague estimates. If the customers complain, the crews will promise to seal coat the asphalt for a discount. The scammers accept payment but never apply the promised seal coat.

The work the scammers provide is substandard. Driveways show signs of uneven surfaces, crooked edges, eroded asphalt, and thing spots that fail to prevent emerging vegetation or the weigh of a car.