What does it take to set up a Fireworks Display?

As fireworks light up the sky in cities across the country tonight, it might leave you wondering what it takes to put on a full fireworks show.

I've been told, one of the major things it takes is a love for fireworks.

A Casper family is behind the fireworks show at the Events Center, as they’ve been handling the display for a few years now.

Set-up starts the day before, so yesterday they brought out all of the equipment needed to put on the show.

They've been at it since seven this morning at their designated location near the event's center, prepping and making sure everything is in check and ready to go for the show tonight.

"It's actually on a electronic firing system so we have a wiring box that basically the wires go into and we just push a button and there we go," said Sara Turman.

They've also been setting off some of their own fireworks every hour today as they pass time till the show.

The firework display is expected to last 21 minutes.