What You Can and Can't Recycle in Casper

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CASPER, Wyo. Casper city management provides recycling, but there are plenty of items not accepted at recycling depots.

“They all have an area in the grocery store that you can put your plastic bags and they will recycle them but we don't recycle plastic bags.” Said Cindie Langston, the manager of the Solid Waste Division.

Casper only accepts plastics of grade number one and two.

These are the main plastics made in the United States.

All other numbers typically come from overseas, thus have to be shipped overseas to be recycled.

“And if you have more than one percent of the total load that is not the exact number one bottles or orange juice or whatever then that whole load is considered too contaminated to sell.”

This January, China passed the National Sword Policy banning plastic waste imports.

“But now everybody in the united states is having a hard time getting rid of plastics because of the new China regulation.”

Cardboard is another item often recycled incorrectly.

“We take cardboard which is corrugated which is that little weaving in there not the paper, like your cereal boxes so it's just the corrugated cardboard.”

The next time you head to the recycling depot, remember to take the lids off of all your plastic containers.

The lids will contaminate the load.

If you ever see anyone dumping things such as motor oil into the recycling depot, report it to the police.