What You Need To Know Before Hitting the Water

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The 4th of July holiday is right around the corner and Game Wardens have a few tips to keep you and your family safe.

Boaters and swimmers from all across the state are hitting Alcova lake for some fun.

Before you pull up your anchor and drop your boat in the water. There are a few safety tips the Casper Game Wardens want you to keep in mind when boating.

Casper Game Warden John Pokallus says "Fire extinguisher, noise making device and a throw-able flotation device."
He says don't forget “Life jackets and people making sure they're being responsible and not drinking behind the wheel of a boat."

Pokallus says one of the most overlooked during the 4th of July holiday are lights "a lot of people don't operate their boat at night and with 4th of July coming up making sure your navigation lights on your boat are operational. Make sure you have red and green lights on the starboard and port side of your boat respectively as well as 360 degree visible white light aft of the bow."

The Barber family says safety comes first before they head out on their jet skis.

Jeanette Barber says "We never drink first of all before we go out on our jet skis. We're very careful about that we watch for the kids that are in the water that are playing, other boats that have kids pulling behind them just other jet skis. You have to be very careful (and) be alert at all times to watch whoever is out on the water because some time there not paying attention.”

Barber says traveling together is always a safe idea "we try to go out in pairs encase there would be a problem with one person on it" keeping everyone safe to have a happy 4th of July.

Game wardens also recommend having a map on your boat to help you navigate if you encounter technical difficulties or get lost.