West Nile Prevention in Casper

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West Nile virus continues to plague Wyoming summers since popping up in the early 2000's.

In 2016 ten West Nile virus cases were reported to the Wyoming Department of Health.

According to officials with Wyoming Department of Health, humans infected by West Nile are typically bitten by mosquitoes who transferred the virus by feeding on infected birds.

"Mosquitoes bite the birds and bite humans and spread the virus. It is noted that a lot of the birds will die from West Nile."

Wyoming Department of Health officials say there are prevention methods you can take.

Avoid being outside during the dawn and dusk hour.

According to officials Mosquitoes prefer to feed during that time of day.

Also dress appropriately and wear high legged socks along with pants and long sleeve shirts.

When shopping for insect repellents make sure "deet" is listed on the ingredients label.

"Deet" is one of the more commonly used ingredients to combat mosquitoes.