Wells Fargo Fradulent Case

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Owners of credit cards try to pay off their dues before the interest accrues

However, when you are expected to pay interest on a ghost account you are not aware of, the situation doesn't seem to add up.

Fradulent victim Barbara J. Morales says, “I knew this was wrong but nobody would do anything. I even had a lawyer Mr. Hampton even as you can see there in the letters had asked them did she sign the paper? To this day they would not give me a paper where I so called signed it because I did not sign to open up a credit card."
Barbara has done an extensive amount of homework to find out what's really been going on.
Hard copy evidence of bank activity is one way to trace your steps.

Gary Trapkus of Hilltop National Bank says, "Say I would like a print out of my relationship with you, and they can certainly do that and just review that with them. Make sure that what they are showing you is what you expect. Again if you see anything different or unusual, don't be afraid to speak up and start doing a little fist pounding on the table."

One of the safer methods that bankers advocate is just doing your banking online. Making sure you that you know exactly what's going in and out of your account and what activity is going on. Also if there's anything you're signing up for make sure you know exactly what it is and keep a record of it."
“Take some time at least on a weekly basis and take a look at what you got going on" says Trapkus.

Morales added, "I just hope everybody else that has gone through this please come out and tell their story also, because you can't just let somebody do this to you and ruin your family, your credibility, it's just not right.

Both inside and outside the corporation, the fraudulent scheme has costed almost everyone some level of credibility.