Weekend 'Noon Year' Celebration Drew Large Crowd

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Families and their children can't always stay up to midnight to ring in the New Year.

Over the weekend in Casper many gathered at the David Street Station for a family-friendly event, the first ever Noon Year’s Celebration.

We spoke with families about their experience while out enjoying the Mac and Cheese Festival.

The night life isn't for everyone on New Year’s, however an event in downtown Casper allowed families to ring in 2018 in a special way.

David Street Station Manager and Event Coordinator Amy Crawford told News 13, “We were just looking for something different to do and something to do during the day. And so we were working with Central Wyoming Counseling, we put our heads together and came up with this! Boy, are we glad we did!"

While speaking with some of the restaurants they told News 13 you know that mac and cheese is really easy to make a lot of and it’s inexpensive. Chefs were able to get really creative with it.

Vendors set up their shops inside The Lyric and passed out mac and cheese samples.

It was all part of a challenge to see who would become the, "Mac and Cheese Champion of Casper.”

They were all surprised about the turnout.

"I had no idea that there were going to be this many people. You know there are thousands of people here."

And at noon the countdown began and shortly after everyone raved about the event.

Casper resident Nicky Castillon commented about her experience, “Creamy, cheeses and not overbearing and straight up mac and cheese."

But not all the mac and cheeses were traditional.

Mateo Juantorena commented, “It's creamy and it has, it has that alfredo taste in it."

Esperanza Hopkins said at the event, “We just wanted to spend some family time with my mom and have fun, you know."

At the end of the event there was hardly any mac and cheese left and participants also barely had any place to stand.

So families celebrate a great and safe way to bring in 2018.

Nearly a thousand participants showed up to on Sunday and the hope is that next year's celebration will be even larger.