Weatherby Inc. Takes Aim at Boosting Wyoming's Economy with New Hub

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Governor Mead announced big news to Wyomingites via Facebook Tuesday evening.

News 13's Heath Bradberg took the trip to Sheridan to talk with locals about the subject of their city gaining some great business and a hope to boost Wyoming’s economy.

A gathering at Blacktooth Brewery with friends usually has good conversation, but you could almost hear a pin drop as Governor Matt Mead broadcasted the announcement of one company relocating their headquarters to Sheridan.

Sheridan Administrator Mark Collins commented, “It's a remarkable opportunity for the community of Sheridan, not only the community but also our entire region. We've got a world renowned company that is moving here; bringing their brand, bringing their employees, bringing their work force. We've got an opportunity to have some recognition that we wouldn't otherwise have."

Weatherby Inc. will provide many jobs for the area, with average salaries between 60 to 74 thousand dollars.

Grants were approved and residents in the area are elated.

SEEDA Chairman Ken Thorp commented, “It's a great opportunity for Sheridan, Wyoming, but also for Weatherby. I think Sheridan has a lot to offer. You've got good, hard-working folks here in Sheridan and Wyoming and it's going to be a great partnership for us."

With potential for an economic increase officials in the city want to see the benefits the new business brings to Sheridan.

Paul Young from Northern Wyoming Community College shared, “You can imagine a company like this is well known to families and folks that are in the hunting culture. It's not going to be too hard to recruit high school students who are going to be excited about coming to work for these folks."

With Weatherby Inc. brining new opportunities for our economy, many good things are expected to come.

Up to 90 jobs are expected to be created in the next five years with Weatherby Inc.'s move into Wyoming.