Water Watch Continues Across Wyoming

Fremont County rivers crested to flood stages again on Tuesday.

For the past two years efforts to fortify the Popo Agie River near Lander's City Park by adding boulders is paying off.

Lance Hopkin, Lander Public Works Director shared, “The big rocks anchor and then we build behind them but it helps re-direct some of our flows and channels so it’s not taking the bank away or hitting the hard corners throughout town so that’s some of the goal with the big rocks is take away velocity as well as re-direct.”

Still there have been some erosion problems near the park specifically a drainage pipe.

“That pipe is just some storm drainage trying to make it back to the river and we do have erosion cutting it back you know when that was originally put in the pipe was in the bank and now you’re looking back at probably ten or twelve feet exposed.”

Hopkin added they’ve been fortunate prevention methods have kept the park dry.

“The rain event last week brought up our river considerably but we’ve been fortunate so far we haven’t seen the water come out of the banks, just up to bank full.”

Hudson’s Hesko barrier wall has done such a good job of flood prevention residents will likely see more going up in the future.

Hudson Mayor Mike Anderson commented, “It relays a huge burden of the town as far as worrying about floods, it’s going to take some work to maintain those Hesko’s we’re looking down the road to try and put some more Hesko’s in in the next couple of years, we’ve budgeted for flood prevention for the next year and see what we can do because the Hesko’s seemed to solve a lot of our problems.”

Except for a little leakage Hudson residents haven’t had to deal with any flooding like years past.

“Traditionally in the last 3 or 4 floods we’ve been the first ones that got hit and got water throughout the whole east side of town, this time we’ve remained dry throughout town.”

Anderson said his biggest concern now is kids playing in the water which is flowing much faster than it looks.

The wall will stay up as long as flood potentials remain; hopefully it will come down before the July fourth celebrations.