Walking the Walk to End the Silence

A Cody woman is walking across Wyoming to save lives. She hopes to raise awareness about suicide.

Teressa Humphries-Wadsworth started her walk Friday morning at the War Memorial Park in Cody.

The psychologist has been training for the 400 mile trek by walking up to 30 miles a day. She said Wyoming has the highest suicide rate in the nation.

She lost her job as the state’s director of suicide prevention,when the legislature cut the health department budget. So, she decided to educate people in small communities, with her 15 day long walk to Casper, and her detours to towns along the way.

Wadsworth said, “A walk like this, where we’re covering such a big distance, I’ll be going through so many little towns, that it’s an opportunity for those towns to do something: Even if it’s just to welcome us, it’s still doing something to raise awareness.”

She said if you have a friend you’re worried about, don’t be afraid to talk to them.

She explained, “You know that’s the biggest fear, you know if I say something, I’m going to plant the seed in their head and then they’ll think about it. And that’s just not true. If you’re worried about them, you’re not going to damage by saying, ‘I care about you. I want to help you, we’re going to get through this together.’"