WMC Now Offers Nitrous Oxide

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Many women will agree that child birth isn't easy and some may not want to take an epidural, however another alternative is available.

Wyoming Medical Center staff now offer nitrous oxide which is the same gas used at the dentist.

However, the amount of nitrogen isn't as potent.

Instead of using 70 percent nitrogen, typical for dental work, women who opt for this method are only consuming 50 percent nitrogen and this method doesn't affect the newborn baby in any way, before, during or after labor.

WMC RN Jennifer Gallager shared, “Probably safer than narcotics in the IV that we have seen will sedate the baby. And then also, some of the rare side effects of an epidural potentially could cause low pressure and things. We don't see those side effects with this."

Right now there is only one portable machine at Wyoming Medical Center available.

Staff are hoping to obtain more to help avoid potential wait time.