Breaking Ground on a New Masterson Place for WMC

Wyoming Medical Center patients and their families will soon have a new place to call home.

News 13's Connor Comeau shows us groundbreaking for the new Masterton Place facility.

Masterson Place on east Yellowstone Highway provides a home away from home for Wyoming Medical Center patients and their families.
Earlier this week city leaders and WMC Foundation members broke ground on the new facility.

Foundation board members told News 13 there is one big reason for the change.

"The current Masterton Place that we have is getting very old and rundown. It's a 1960's era motel. And it often needs repairs and we're constantly having to put more money into it,” Caryn Dowell from the foundation commented.

The new center will have 13 rooms for patients and their families.
Project costs are nearly five million dollars, with most of the money coming from grants and donations.

"It has been a plan in the works for many years. For a while it was very hard to do the fundraising. And so to have raised almost all the funds we need at this point and get the building started, it's very exciting.”

The new facility will be located behind Wyoming Medical Center.

Casper's Mayor says both the building and its location will help ensure a better quality of life.

Mayor Ray Pacheco, β€œIt needs to be said that this is truly how it affects patients and families and their lives and recoveries. Once again, it is a shining example of what we can do as a community; what we can do with caring and what we do with compassion.

The new place will help to assist the lives of both patients and their families.

Construction is expected to be completed next June.