WGFD Seek Help Finding Private Property Vandals

Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s 'Access Yes' program is in its second year and continues to be a success, yet some are taking advantage of the program, in a negative way.

Recently an Access Yes property was vandalized with the possibility of serious danger to property owners.

Game and fish staff said in late October property owners of the Miles Land and Livestock Company reported damage to their property.

Some of that damage included: cut fences, destroyed property and equipment, according to a game and fish spokeswoman.

Though damage did occur the situation could have been much worse.

"One of the places that was vandalized, the cabin is often visited by the family and so when they do go there its often on horseback or even hiking and so people may not know they were inside, so by shooting through the cabin it could actually be a huge danger to the people inside."

Game and fish staff don't believe hunters were responsible for the damage.

If you have any information please contact the Natrona County Sheriff Department at 307- 235-9282