WGFD 'Access Yes' Program to Continue; With Hunter-Land Owner Cooperation

Wyoming Game and Fish staff said they get complaints every fall from land owners in the 'Access Yes' program.

Game Wardens have a few reminders for hunters using private land to keep land owners in the program.

Clean up! That is the big one.

And be courteous; this is the message game wardens want to stress to hunters using the program.

WGFD Warden Trevor Meadows shared, “As hunting season kick off hunter remain respectful of land owners we have Access Yes program which allows hunters to go on to privates lands to engage in hunting and fishing and for general public makes it out there for recreation."

Wardens added before entering Access Yes land, you need to follow the landowner's rules.

It is the hunter's responsibility to know the do's and dont's of that particular property.

John Pokallus, WGFD Warden said, “The hunter needs to abide by while they're using those lands and so that will designate where or not they can drive and what animals are available to hunt.”

When on private property, be sure to leave it exactly as you found it. Pick up your trash and shut gates.

"Some things to be mindful of are keeping gates closed or as you found them when you approached them. Also, make sure if roads are muddy stay off of them and don’t try to root them up or drive off the road and also any trash or anything that you bring in make sure to pack it up and pack it out."

Wardens said property owners have been known to pull out of the program due to rude hunters ignoring the landowner's rules.

This type of behavior limits not only available hunting space, but makes it trickier for game wardens to manage and track game populations.

Game and fish added they are willing and ready to answer any questions about the Access Yes program.