Volunteering: Just Go For It

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Ninety-two year old Elmer Hoke spoke with News 13 and gave up his day delivering for Meals on Wheels.

We asked him why he continues helping people in the Casper community.

Meals on Wheels provides healthy food options to community members who are house bound and for over twenty-years Elmer Hoke has been an important part of this operation.

Jamie Loveall Director at Meals on Wheels, “I always laugh because every year he gets the most days driven award at our annual banquet. We call it the Gas Guzzler Award."

Meals on Wheels delivers around 260 days a year and he finds time to deliver on around 250 of those days.

Mr. Hoke commented, “I've been retired and I’d traveled for 25-years and got tired of that so I though oh well I’ll just do some volunteer work of some sort."

Growing up in Casper, Hoke still easily drives around Casper himself, but when the weather is bad he asks for help.

"I think it is very important not only for the individuals you are helping, its great therapy for you to get out and see what's going on."

And volunteers working with Hoke also take notice of his inspiring personality.

"He is always smiling, he is a super nice guy and I know I can always rely on him to be here to take a meal,” said Billie Tipton.

Many of the volunteers we spoke with said Hoke loves to talk about history, especially Casper history.

"The things that he experienced as a child in Casper and compare that to your experiences in Casper today, it's just kind of cool to have that history to look back on."

Volunteering keeps him going every day and he hopes more people will donate time to make a difference.

"If you want to volunteer, go do it. That's the best thing I’ve got to say is go do it."

Hoke plans on volunteering until it's no longer possible.

Hoke said there are many ways you can help and sometimes a simple phone call makes a world of a difference.