Veterinarians Give Tips for Pet Anxiety During Travels

Traveling with your furry friend can be fun, but what happens when they get nervous?

Veterinarians say dogs and cats can feel uneasy riding in cars, but there are ways to treat it.

News 13's Tyler Waggenspack spoke with vets and pet owners about keeping pets at ease.

Tyler, what did you learn?

Regina, vets say using medicine helps calm pets, but pet owners say they use treats or their pet's favorite toys.

Taking pets for rides can be fun, but tough. One vet says pets can get anxious on car rides.

"Sometimes they get nauseous or they're anxious, you know real nervous while traveling, and so we definitely help them out."

Dr. Schwahn from Altitude Veterinary Hospital says they get calls regarding such cases, and there are several ways to treat it.

"And so there are medications that can be specific for motion sickness, but then also too, some that are good for sedation, because if then they're sedated, just relaxed, they tend not to get anxious."

Some pet owners say they have other ways to calm their pets

"I will always pet them and talk to them in a very re-assuring voice, knowing that they’re not going to a bad place. That'll calm them down for a few seconds."

"Extra dog treats, more stops. Trying to pet her and trying to make her as comfortable as we can, but she's a big dog so it's kind of hard, because we don't have lots of room in our car."

And Schwahn believes some pets get over travel fears.

"It's always hopeful that if they, if you were to travel with them, that they could get used to it. Yes, that's true, but I tend to see if the travel is sporadic and not too consistent, then we tend not to see them improve too well on how well they handle the travel."

Vets also say using kennels helps pets if they're trained using one. Dr. Schwahn says pet owners need health certificates, if traveling across states or internationally. The health certificates keeps track of pet's vaccinations.