Verda James Vikings Reconnoiter WyoTowne Before Landing

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Verda James Elementary 5th grade students learned interview skills Tuesday.

Casper locals volunteered to act as interviewers for the students’ Wyotowne project.

Volunteers asked students a lot of basic interview questions for specific jobs like mayor, judge, and police officer.

"Like why are you qualified for this job, why do you want this job,” said Tyler Maillous, a student.

"I was asked a lot of questions about how I would help the community and things like that. And other questions about why I want to be mayor,” said Rogan Potter, a student.

And they had to respond to the interviewer.

"I want to be judge because I want to like lead the justice and Ameritown and make sure everything runs straight,” said Cobey Pexton, a student.

"I wanted to be the mayor because it sounds really fun and I want to lead people. And I think I'm qualified because I care about other people,” said Maillous.

"I want to help Ameritown with their problems and I always wanted to be a judge, so I think this will be a great experience for me,” said Layna Eskew, a student.

"We should put more people on like trash cleanup and building houses for the poor, and donations,” said Potter.

Volunteers and teachers said they think it’s beneficial for Children to prepare these skills early on in life.

"Interviewing is a tough skill for a lot of people to learn,” said Sgt. Ben Mattila, a volunteer from the Casper Police Department.

"So it gives me hope that the kids today are really going to be able to apply for jobs, and be productive in our society, and it's hopeful. I love it,” said Tiffany Gamble, a volunteer.

"In hopes that they are successful and better prepared when they go out into the real world and start looking for jobs of their own,” said Jill Ellenbecker, a teacher.

Volunteers said they were surprised at how well the kids performed.
"I was pleased that most of them were prepared and articulate and thoughtful,” said Werner Studer, a volunteer.

"I think the Children did absolutely awesome. They exceeded my expectations, and I'm very proud of them,” said Gamble.

Students said they were nervous talking to strangers about themselves, but they learned a lot.

"I learned that like this stuff that we're doing right now, we're going to have to do later on in life, we're going to have to try and get jobs and we're going to have to do the interviews,” said Pexton.

They also learned financial skills, including the difference between a debit card and credit card, how to write a check, and investment processes in the stock market.