Vaping Materials With Nicotine May Soon Cost More

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. One day after rejecting it, state representatives passed a bill taxing vapor materials like other nicotine products.

It also closes a loophole so kids can't have it delivered to them.

“There’s a loophole in the federal regulations just on these
products that even though they’re age restricted, they don’t have to show
any age identification when they’re delivered. You do with other
products.” Said Steve Harshman.

As the head football coach at Natrona County High School, Harshman said he sees many teens vaping and is concerned about their long term health.

“Nicotine is very addictive. And vapor and vapes help people stop smoking? Absolutely. And that’s a good thing to get away from the tobacco, but the flip side we’re getting a lot of young people now on this whole nicotine addiction and it’s very powerful.” He said.

Opponents are concerned about the unknown of vapor products and want to use this as an interim topic to learn more.

“There was a lot of discussion on the health effects of vaping and
I just felt that maybe we need to go to an interim study on vaping and see if there are some health consequences that we need to consider for our children.” Said Representative David Miller.

Regardless of whether this bill becomes law Miller hopes it will be an interim topic so we can properly regulate vaping products and protect kids.