Using a Smartphone too Often Can Cause Depression

CASPER, Wyo. Most of us own smartphones and it's hard not to put them down.

Many of us are on our smartphones for several hours a day on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Counselors say that can have good and bad consequences for your mental health.

"You have your equal amounts of negative uses and your equal amounts of positive usage. Social media can be a very powerful resource or tool for finding resources to help with mental illness and different resources to assist with that," said William Howell of the Central Wyoming Counseling Center.

Just talking on your phone isn't enough to cause depression.

being careful where we go online affects how we feel, especially younger users.

Always being cautious of what we view is something counselors say is a good first step.

"It just depends on what they're looking for on social media and what they're looking at or following. It can certainly add to some depressive symptoms if they're struggling with loneliness and things like that." Said Howell.

Using your phone is important, but not to the point where you get stressed.

Counselors say stress from smartphone use can affect some users more than others.