Use Caution While Decorating Your House This Holiday Season

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CASPER, Wyo. Christmas lights can be nice to look at, but they can become hazardous if installed incorrectly.

You can always hire a professional, but if you plan on doing it yourself there are a few guidelines to follow.

"If you're using a ladder, make sure it is on secure flat ground, you're not on an angle or on gravel or anything that is going to roll on you." Said Andrew Sundell of the Casper Fire department. "Because the last thing we want is for you to be falling off your ladder or you get onto the roof and the ladder falls off and you can't get down."

Sundell mentioned it is a bad idea to be hanging lights if the wind is over 20 miles per hour.

When it comes to electricity, outlets are not meant to have multiple decorations plugged in.

"The first thing is to follow the manufacturer's guidelines and then make sure that with the circuit your connecting these to your not overloading that circuit with multiple strings of lights that's going to overpower the circuit." Explained Wyatt Johnson of Modern Electric.

Johnson reminds us that extension cords are meant for a temporary fix- not as a permanent power source.

Many lights are now LED, but if you have older incandescent lights, they put off heat, so be cautious where you put them.

"Such as putting lights on trees... keep them away from flammable sources and flammable substances."

Pay attention to the kind of bulbs you buy.

the instructions provide the number of plugs used per outlet.

This will help avoid any unnecessary damages as you begin to decorate for the holidays.

When placing giant inflatable decorations in your yard, keep in mind the strong Wyoming winds.