Upgrades Coming to the Wyoming Life Resource Center

A new project begins for Lander's Wyoming Life Resource Center and its healing process.

State representatives and architect planners are excited as they share the facility's renovations to improve the care of mentally ill patients.

"This project has been great it's been a lot of collaboration on all levels."

Architect Sarah Wengert told News 13, “What's really exciting is the staff's commitment to creating the most comfortable therapeutic and healing space for these people they care for.”

Representatives felt the facility upgrades are necessary.

Fremont County Representative Lloyd Larson commented, “The new changes that come about the Wyoming Life Resource Center as well as the Wyoming State Hospital are a result of several years of studies from first the governor’s task force and then the legislative task force.”

Larger spaces, upgraded furniture and brighter color schemes are a few of the adjustments moving away from the institutional setting.

“Across-the-board what we are going for is to make the cottages and the day program spaces a lot more comfortable and definitely more homelike.”

“They'll be pattern somewhat after a model referred to as a greenhouse model where the residence day and have their own room; it’s actually their own home.”

The Wyoming State Hospital will also be included in this renovation plan, bringing the project budget to 150 million dollars.

More phases needed to be completed before renovations.

Facility members plan to go into construction next year.