Update on Natrona County Bullying Incident

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CASPER, Wyo. Caitlin suffered a concussion and a fractured toe along with scratching and bruising.

She has had to miss school for a month as she heals.

Caitlin's mother says her recovery is slow.

“She's vomiting after meals, she gets dizzy she is very fatigued. They want her to be out another month from school.”

Amber was able to watch footage from the bus, but was not granted a copy.

She counted all the incidents that happened to Caitlin on the bus that were deemed as bullying by those who watched the tape.

“11 times they threw trash at her, 8 times she was punched in the side, 1 time her hair was pulled, 1 time another girl came around and physically kicked her, 2 times they are jamming the seats to make her jolt forward, and then they also hit her on the way out.” Amber explained.

Caitlin was given a three day suspension for what school officials call the "second part", which starts after Caitlin got off the bus.

“They told me that because Caitlin choose to tell them to leave her alone, that made her the aggressor and the fight was her fault. Not the girls that started swinging on her, it was Caitlin's fault, by their standards.”

Due to the fight being labeled as mutual by the school, Amber was unable to press charges, leaving all the bill up to her to pay.

She says she just wants a little justice.

“I want this tape to be released I want people to see what actually happened.”