University Park 3rd Graders Team Up with Engineers to Build

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University Park students in Casper put their engineering skills to the test for a “hands on” learning experience.

News 13's Tyler Waggenspack worked with some third graders who built small model cars with an engineer's help as part of Discovery Engineer's Week.

University Park students' noses were not in their books Thursday, but instead busy gaining engineering experience with their guest speaker.
"I’m here to teach you a few things."

A local engineer visited third graders and instructed them about a few engineering basics.

He also tested the young developing minds about what engineering means to them.

They responded:
"To build things."
"Trains and mechanical things."
"To turn on stuff even if it doesn't work."

Thursday's lesson not only took place at University Park, but also statewide.

It’s part of Discovery Engineer's Week, where nearly a hundred professional engineers visited over 32-hundred third graders.

The goal is emphasizing science, technology, engineering and math to students throughout their education.

One speaker, Amol Bhavsar commented, “I think it's very imperative for this young generation to make things happen if we give them the platform to think right."

Students learned this simple process for accomplishing that platform, before utilizing the items for a science experiment.

And the kids had a blast in the process.

Students Joey Cloegh and Jordan Kiracofe told News 13 they want to be future engineers.

“I’ve always been interested in engineering. I'm planning on going to NASA or something and working on rocket ships."

And the car models brought out the best in the students.

"The imagination and designing they came up with was pretty innovative."

Thursday’s innovative designs exemplified the bright young minds of our future.

This year is the third "e-week" done in Wyoming.

This collaborative effort is done between University of Wyoming officials and several organizations.