Union Pacific Railroad Aiding in Getting Wyomingites Back to Work

Job seekers continue searching and employers are doing what they can to people back to work.

Wyoming's Workforce Center in Casper today hosted Union Pacific Railroad recruiters as they worked to fill open positions.

Diesel electricians, machinists and train car crews were the main spots available.

The jobs would send employees to the I-80 corridor or send them out of state to Colorado or Nebraska.

Union Pacific’s main objective, to hire around a hundred people; they do not expect to fill all those positions today, but are hopeful to put as many Wyomingites back to work as they can.

Union Pacific’s Recruitment Manager Kevin Dawson shared, "There is opportunity for people that have been furloughed or laid off with the mining industry to be able to come over to us and talk to us, so we are excited about having the opportunity to come up here and meet and greet those people."

If you missed the hiring fair today, Union Pacific will be at the Wyoming Workforce Center in Douglas on Wednesday with the same opportunities.