US Marine Band Came to Casper

CASPER Sounds of brass instruments filled the air at Centennial Junior High on Monday.

The performance was by the United States Marine Corps Brass Ensemble Band.

The full group of 160 musicians are touring the country, giving students opportunities to learn about what they do.

"I had a girl come to me that was a bass clarinet player, talking to me. Just to see her eyes light up and be able to give some inspiration." Said Gunnery Sargent Michael Warnick.

When they're not on tour, the band plays for the president of the United States and the Commandant of the Marine Corps.

While that is their main job, band members say is beneficiary to tour the country.

This gives them opportunities to educate music students on the importance of starting young.

"The traveling and touring is one of my favorite parts of the job. Just getting, especially going into schools and getting to connect with young people..." Said Staff Sargent Timothy Huizenga. "...and getting to talk about how we got into music and how they might be able to do something similar. And pursue things they love throughout their career."

They love to tell students about their experiences.

"When I was a kid I saw a lot professional musicians play. And I was always afraid to go talk to them. So to be able to be in that place now and come back and inspire young musicians is a great opportunity for us."