US Judge Rules Casper Can Stop Saving New Data Unrelated to Hedquist Suit

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The Craig Hedquist versus the City of Casper saga continues as US District Court Judge Alan Johnson granted the City of Casper’s motion which allows the city to stop preserving electronic data.

In April 2016 Judge Johnson ruled in favor of the City of Casper and dismissed the lawsuit Hedquist filed against city officials John Patterson, Andrew Beamer and the City of Casper.

The judge granted the city's motion at the time for a Summary Judgment before it went to trial.

In late September the City of Casper wrote a motion requesting to end holding onto electronic data consistent with the case.

November 1st 2017, Judge Johnson ruled in favor of the City of Casper and approved the motion.

According to court reports, Hedquist and Hedquist Construction did not offer any justification for the continued preservation other than stating the appeal process is underway and pointing to another suit.

Reports also show the last allegation of wrongdoings by the city goes back to August of 2015 and the last request for action from Hequist to the courts was served in July 2016.

Another ruling from the court showed it unnecessary and expensive to require the city to continue to hold onto the data.

The court ruled there is nothing that has been shown by Hequist to suggest even ‘the possibility that holding onto the electronic data would capture any relevant evidence in the case’.