Two Years Later, Residents Still Feel the Burn from the Cole Creek Fire

We are a week away from the two year anniversary of the Cole Creek fire and some residents are reminded of the blaze to this day.

News 13 spoke with one man who is making the most out of his situation and trying his best to put it behind himself and move forward with his family.

Flames from the Cole Creek fire no longer rage, but efforts to repair the damage is a constant reminder that even years after the inferno it's difficult to predict where it will hit next.

Whether it's picking up the pieces or accepting that a window has closed on property losses.

Casper resident, Curtis Fortin spoke with News 13, “I didn't think it would take two years. I'm not even half way into it. I thought State Farm was going to do the stand-up thing and pay right away and we were going to buy another house somewhere in town and go on with our lives, but not that's not how it happens."

Fortin walked us through the damaged areas of what he was proud to call home before the fire.

It's different, but still holds plenty of memories.

"This was a huge patio; we used to have big barbecues out here. Huge. We had a huge backyard and big old play gyms.

Fortin plans to salvage what he can and even use the burnt items as art work to symbolize the damage caused by the fire.

An event that he said has put a strain on his daily obligations.

Tim Cortez, President of Natrona County Firefighters Burn Fund shared, “I've had a chance to meet with all the residents that were burned out of their homes at one point or another during our relief efforts. It's just hurtful I mean it's hard to watch that many people go through such a large loss. There are pets and things that can't be replaced for families that I think that will leave a lasting impression on them for a long time."

Join News 13 tonight as Sam Wright takes a look at what insurance companies have been able to do for families like the Fortins following the devastating fire.