Two Arrested for Meth After Being Stuck in the Snow

Early Tuesday morning Natrona County Sheriff Deputies arrested a pair of men for possession and delivery of methamphetamine.

Cour papers show twenty-five-year-old Trey Kolbet and twenty-year-old Michael Coury were stuck in a vehicle in front of a residential address at around 3:00 am.

The homeowner called police because she was concerned for her safety, as she did not recognize the men.

Reports show the men had blood shot eyes and were showing signs of being under the influence, leading to deputy suspicion and the request to search the vehicle.

Deputies were granted permission, where reports show they found a capped syringe, plastic jewelry bags a scale and a bag containing nine grams of meth.

Both men denied ownership of any of the meth and paraphernalia.

Coury was booked for possession with intent to deliver and Koury was booked for possession.