Two Fly Raises Tournament Gives Away Most Money in History of Tournament

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Two Fly Foundation members gave 125-thousand dollars to the Child Development Center of Casper yesterday.

The 14th Annual ‘Two Fly’ Fishing Tournament was held in May.
It raised over $250,000 which was the most in their existence.

The tournament was started by fly fishermen from the oil and gas industry who wanted to unite and compete for prizes and also giving back to local charities.

Kim DeVore who is on the Two Fly Foundation board said, "we come together to raise money for this community."

Each year there are two charities chosen as recipients for money.
The first charity gets 50% of the proceeds and the second one gets 35% of the proceeds.

The last of the proceeds go towards keeping the river nice.
DeVore said, "So 15% every single year goes to the Platte River Revival and that goes back into the river."

Staff from the Child Development Center say the money will go to the children they serve.

"We serve about 500 children per year.. With physical therapy.. Speech therapy.. Occupation therapy.. Pre- school services and free development screenings.."

Rone says the funds will help offset all those services.

In fourteen years the Two Fly Foundation Members have donated over two-million dollars to 23 charities who are all from Wyoming.