Twin Powell Duo Named Presidential Scholars

Two Powell high school students were chosen to join an elite group of students across the country.

The pair has grown up together in Powell schools and now they’re going to the same university on scholarships.

When the school bell rings, the halls here are filled with students on their way to class and as they pass, they see replicas of a stagecoach, submarine, space shuttle and real taxidermy wildlife found in northwest Wyoming, where they live.

Then, the replication turns fantastic!

All of art is created by student artists and among the artists is one of two nationally recognized scholars.

Next Sunday, 107 students will graduate from Powell High School and two of them are US Presidential Scholars, and they’re twins!

Hattie and Rhett Pimentel are not only high academic achievers; they’re both athletes, as well and Harriett is the artist who helps decorate the halls.

“Eventually I want to be a lawyer. I think I might get my bachelor’s in computer science,” said Hattie.

As for Rhett, “I want to major in mechanical engineering. I want to work for an engineering company. Eventually I want to start my own engineering company.”

Both have a full scholarship to Michigan State University and they were chosen among only 161 students nationwide as US Presidential Scholars.

The White House Commission on presidential scholars chose Hattie and Rhett for their academic achievement, artistic excellence, essays, and community service.

Their teachers were not surprised.

Nick Fulton Social Studies Teacher at Powell commented, “Rhett and Hattie both have a genuine interest in learning, rather than just getting good grades.

Science Teacher Steven Lensegrav agreed, “Some people have the natural ability, but they don’t have the work ethic. They’re an amazing pair that has both.”

Speaking of work ethic, these students also have jobs, at home on the ranch. Rhett said their parents taught them about hard work.

The twins received their presidential scholar awards at the senior banquet in Powell on Monday.