Truckers Were Stranded at The Hat Six Travel Center for Two Days

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CASPER, Wyo. Truckers found themselves stuck at hat six truck stop waiting for roads to reopen Wednesday.

"By our employee parking there was trucks parked even were they shouldn't be parked because there were no spots available out where our truckers parking is." Said Diana Treto, a worker at the Hat Six Travel Center.

Since there were so many truckers at the stop and deliveries couldn't come, we were curious to see how the food and fuel supply held up.

"Oh no, no our delivery trucks came in we have our freezers are full ovens are going, coolers full of beer so we're ready for you guys." Said Rachel Middleton, the manager of Hooches.

"As far as we know there has been no shortage of any of that um were trying to keep more things stocked if anything because of how many truckers we've been having through the store." Said Treto.

The restaurant bar serves breakfast lunch and dinner and the manager said it was so much fun having a full house with everyone playing games.

Though the truckers might not have been happy, more people meant a great boost for Hat Six business.

"It was just a really good vibe... Because everyone was happy. They had a place to hang out and have a few beers and have some good food and we took really good care of them so."

After a few days of this parking lot at Hat Six in Casper being completely packed drivers heading northbound are beginning to leave as drivers heading southbound are still stuck here but workers here at hat six say there is nothing to worry about as there is plenty of food and drink to go around.