Trout Machinery is Closing Its Doors

CASPER, Wyo A popular Casper machinery business will soon shut down.

After 25 years in business, Rick and Tanna Trout will close "Trout Machinery" for good.

The couple started planning for their retirement over a year ago.

"We're deciding that we kind of need to do something besides die at our desk..." Explained Rick. "So we're at that age now where we want to start doing something a little different."

The two meet in the 1970's, before moving to Casper and opening the store in 1992

Not only did they sale to locals, but to people and businesses all over the world.

Despite their success, Tanna said the job has kept them from their family.

"We're very tired. As Rick indicated, we haven't had vacations and we don't have a balanced life, which I think is good for everyone. So we're looking to create more balance. Our children have moved back into the community, so that's great that they're here."

Rick said closing the business means possibly losing touch with friends.

"There's a lot of people that are probably, I'm as close to as a I am family members. And not having this as a base will make it a little harder to see them."

He says he'll always have the memories of his shop.