Tribute to Fallen Soldiers Tour Visits Casper Family

CASPER, Wyo. (KCWY)- Oregon bikers have been traveling cross-country to honor veterans made a stop in Casper.

In just 17 days the Tribute to Fallen Soldiers will honor fifty-three who sacrificed their lives.

The tour is part of a national event, carrying bikers across the country from Oregon to Virgina, ending their ride at the Arlington National

Warren Williamson, Fallen Hero rider told News 13, “Eight years ago we started this mission to honor our fallen soldiers and we started in our home state of Oregon and crisscrossed the state to honor our fallen heroes we created what are called fallen solider home visits. Where we go to the homes of our fallen heroes and we present the family with a portrait and a plaque."

Williamson also said these riders made the journey because they care for the cause.

"We started in Eugene with over 150 motorcycle riders but our core group who travel the entire distance is about 12 riders. It's quite a commitment these riders take it upon themselves to pay for their own fuel. They take time off from work, time off from their families to do this mission. So it’s a huge under-taking to travel just 17 days, then of course we have to go back to the west coast. So we have great Patriot Riders who believe in what we do."

One family lost their son almost 10 years ago at the age of 20 and they told News 13, what these riders mean to them.

Susi Miller shared, “This is just so important to me because the awareness that these people bring and a little piece of happiness they bring to somebody who has buried their child."

Susi and Bob Miller lost their son Scott in Iraq ten years ago.

The Millers said the Tribute to Fallen Soldiers were at their home during their time of need, which is why they returned the favor and opened up their home overnight to the bikers traveling cross country.

"I love it; this is the lease I can do for somebody that has given me so much hope and a gift in my heart. So there is nothing to opening up my house to people like this who give unselfishly."

She is giving back to the riders who gave so much or her family.

The riders plan to continue their journey Friday to meet Governor Mead in Cheyenne.